Pigeon Cay and Another Boat Tour of the other Cays

On Tuesday we went to Pigeon Cay and took all our chairs, floats and umbrellas and food and drinks and hung out there for most of the afternoon. Then we went over to The Cut and the kids swam and John caught a Barracuda that was watching them swim - he got his pole rigged and caught him. {he named him Steve}. Julie was standing on a boat and said she saw another one and Chris caught it - but it ended up being a Spanish Mackerel, so that was dinner.
On Wednesday, we went on the Exuma Cay Adventures tour with Peter and his friend Pat. We had so much fun. After a fast snorkel trip by a reef, {the boys fished and Taylor caught a Trigger fish - and Chris caught different fish like a Squirrel fish and Parrot fish. - We went to the Cay with the Iguanas and to Thunderball Grotto to snorkel in the cave. Then Tom and Peter dove for Conch, then we went to Compass Cay and the guys {and Julie} swam with the sharks. They were nurse sharks. Pat made Conch salad and was throwing the scraps into the water while they swam with the sharks. After this we went to the Cay with the pigs on it. There were more of them this time - they were chasing the kids - it was funny. We had a late lunch at Staniel Cay Marina and we were off to the sand bar. They let us off with chairs and umbrellas and they went to fish. This time there were not shells on it and it was covered with seaweed and rocks. It wasn't as nice as last time. But it is still peaceful and nice place to sit and hangout. We got back and saw the sun setting in our car mirrors behind us.

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