Blog is closed for summer - no new post - but . . .

feel free to email me if you have any questions.  We don't get to go to Exuma this summer   : o (


Sorry I haven't updated the blog ~

We are still fixing up the house, I love it !   . . . . and now our Texas Beach Condo is fixed and we can
 go there 2 1/2 years after IKE.   But I am sad we don't get to go to Exuma this summer.  Our 15 year old son is going to be in Drivers Ed and my mom has arthritis in her hips . . . I don't think she could get in and out of the boat.   We need to get her meds right to help her with the pain.  My mother in law is doing better . . .  I think she would love to go to Exuma again - maybe next summer..   Anyway - here is a picture of my  mother in law at Sandy Cay in  2009.

I have been putting back all my sand-dollars, shells, sea biscuits, sea fans and little drift wood after the remodel  ~ I love looking at all my beautiful sea treasures that  I found in Exuma.  
I think about Exuma every day.


Trying to keep my tree warm . . .

Remember my Royal Poinciana?

it has a lot less ferns (leaves) now (see below)

I wrapped the bottom with a towel and have it by the house ~
this is our 3rd freeze this winter.  I hope it makes it!

Happy February ~  looking forward to Spring and then Summer and maybe a trip to Exuma!

They say snow on Friday - oh my!


I am Jealous . . .

Exuma 2011

Click above for a blog of family staying  Great Exuma for 4 months (5 months counting from when they started the trip)  ~  they are staying in "our house"   That is so great - they are having a blast it looks like.  


Happy New Year!

My kids are playing in the snow - we took a quick trip to ski at Winter Park
 - but I would rather be in Exuma!


On Exuma Talk on Facebook - there are pictures of Orcas. . . .

CLick Here - Orcas by Stocking Island

This photo is from Exuma Talk on Facebook - there were Orcas by Stocking Island around November 11th by Cave CAy.  This is really wonderful - I wish I would have seen them.


Check out this Super Cool Blog -

They have an article about Staniel Cay - check it out here:  RumshopRyan

This photo is the Header to his great blog ~  I did not take or create the photo  ~ it is part of the Coconut Connection Blog.  Check it out!!


I saw this photo and thought of Exuma ~ but. . . .

it is an island in the Indian Ocean called Socotra and it is part of Yemen.  It is very remote and hard to get to.  I love that Exuma is so close to the States and it is such a short flight to see such beauty.