A Sunny Monday...

The guys {and Julie} went with Exuma Guy and they snorkeled and got some conch and saw some lobsters, they fished. They had a good time and were gone all day. The guys {and Julie} said they saw a water spout and a sea turtle - no photos though. Exuma Guy got the conch out of the shells and the kids put in baggies and pounded on it. We will cook it tonight. The ladies had a relaxing day here at the villa/resort. We walked, swam. read and took pictures of this area. Susan and I went into town and took some photos and went to the grocery store and 3 liquor stores to find Santa Margarita. Susan made a delicious past dish ...I can't wait to eat the left overs. {we had to keep our neighbors out of it...just kidding; we offered them some.} I went by Jolly Hall beach - {I have never seen it} ~ it is pretty but there are not any shells. We are waiting now for the boat - it had to be fixed, one of the propellers hit a rock yesterday. Then we are going to a new beach.

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