Chat N Chill Sunday

On Sunday we went to Chat N Chill after the guys fished and we hung out at the pool. The sun came out for a bit and we had some turquoise water for pictures. We had a few plates of the pig roast and burgers and all shared. The ladies floated in the floats at the beach and kids chased the sting rays. Then we went over the Peace and Plenty beach and walked the trail to the Atlantic side of Stocking island and hunted for shells. The boys climbed up the top of hill to the monument and then came and met us on the beach - they snorkeled and saw some flounders and a big grouper. Then we got back home and had fish and steaks for dinner. Chris grilled a spanish mackerel and it was very good.

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Island Mommy said...

my son, Delano, loves playing with your boys when they visit. thanks for sharing your family's beautiful memories and photographs of Exuma and Chat 'N' Chill with this inspiring blog