A cloudy but nice day...

Tommy's fish
Spencer's fish
The grocery store
My Nephew - Porter on the sand bar
Water camera at the pool

Yesterday - we went a picked up the boat at 10 am- Exuma Guy helped us and took the kids fishing. They said they saw tuna jumping out of the water - but they didn't catch any?? Tommy caught a nice Nassau grouper off the dock. Tom and our "gang" got it at 2:30. We went to the sand bar and the gang found some sand dollars and my nephew that is here for his first time found the most beautiful sunrise tellin shell - we call them "butterfly" shells. Since it was cloudy - I only brought the water camera and the batteries went out, so I only got a few shots. I hope it is nice to day so the gang can see the turquoise water today - it is the pig roast at chat n chill today. I am posting some kids photography from the pool last week. Hopefully, I will have some nice shots from today...I am charging up both camera's batteries.

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