Big D's Conch....

Grand Isle ~ ring of ice

oh yeah ...I tried conch salad for the first time ~ it was good!

yesterday it was a cloudy day {but not rainy} we met another family with kids at Big D's Conch Spot and hung out there for the day, they food is good and they have great service and a nice beach. In the past 3 times, we have been to Great Exuma - I have never went to Big D's and boy - we should have went. I will be back there this week. We also stopped by Grand Isle - had a drink and checked out their pool and beach. It is very nice - I may take the "grandmas" or - I will call them " the ladies" back this week for lunch. Our new group of company is coming in this afternoon. I forgot to mention on this journal anther spot that is wonderful with great service is right here at February Point and that is JP's Bamboo Bistro. I have got food there a couple of times {they will deliver to your villa| and I have went to have some wine. It is by the marina and if you sit outside - there is a wonderful view. If it is hot at night with mosquitoes - the close up the inside and have it nice and cool. I am posting a view photos from yesterday - it was cloudy so they are not that great ~ the water just isn't the same with the sum behind the couds {sigh} ~ it is cloudy today so far.


Teri said...

I love conch salad at Big D's.! My mouth is watering.

Exumabound said...

It was my first time to try it - it was good. I was always afraid to eat raw stuff here.