Rain Rain go away

It has been raining a lot - but we got to out on Saturday on the boat to the sand bar and we found some sand dollars.  Today is nice - we will go out later.  The boys went fishing  on deep sea fishing boat.  The mosquitoes are bad - I have never seen it like this, but we are having fun.


Kathryn said...

It's great that you enjoy Exuma so much and you have some great photos. As someone who lives here though, can I ask why you feel you need so many sand dollars? Surely just one each for the boys would maintain a better equilibrium for all.

Exumabound said...

Thank you for your comment. We go to a sand bar In the middle of "no-where" at low tide and they are dead and they would just break and become sand. I put them glass containers at my house. They get to seen there for-ever. Sorry - you feel that way. They are not on a beach were others would find them or even see them. I take a lot of sea shells too (usually very small ones) - but I would never take anything that is alive. I don't even like fishing or taking the lobster or the conchs out of the shells.