Sorry I haven't updated the blog ~

We are still fixing up the house, I love it !   . . . . and now our Texas Beach Condo is fixed and we can
 go there 2 1/2 years after IKE.   But I am sad we don't get to go to Exuma this summer.  Our 15 year old son is going to be in Drivers Ed and my mom has arthritis in her hips . . . I don't think she could get in and out of the boat.   We need to get her meds right to help her with the pain.  My mother in law is doing better . . .  I think she would love to go to Exuma again - maybe next summer..   Anyway - here is a picture of my  mother in law at Sandy Cay in  2009.

I have been putting back all my sand-dollars, shells, sea biscuits, sea fans and little drift wood after the remodel  ~ I love looking at all my beautiful sea treasures that  I found in Exuma.  
I think about Exuma every day.

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