Here is Another Place to go and get a Rum Punch and a Hamburger. . .

When you rent your boat and you have already went to Chat n Chill for the Sunday Pig Roast, take your boat to the left of Stocking Island to Hamburger Beach and go to The Sand Bar.   Alvin is avery nice guy and he will take care of you.  I love his rum punches and my family loves his burgers.  You can take a 5 minute walk from his building to the Atlantic side of the Island - and it is so beautiful there.  I find the best sea treasures - there are nice little tide pools in the rocks at low tide and the kids have seen baby lobsters and baby fish {they know the names of them.....I can't remember}   He has other items to eat too - it changes as to what he has on hand and on how busy he has been (some big parties get thrown here I have heard) after one of those - he might be out of some things!  There is a restroom there too (good for us ladies who cannot pee off the boat!)   My boys all like to fish (for hours) so, I get them to drop me off at Alvin's Sand Bar at Hamburger Beach and I hang out - I can get a drink, rest, go walk on the Atlantic side and look for shells and go back to get a rum punch, Beer or a water from Alvin and sit on the pier.  One time he even took me back to Great Exuma with his boat - (they forgot to get me after fishing - actually, we past them as we were gong in and they turned around and we raced - Alvin won!!  LOL)   - This cover on Coastal Living is the pier in front of his place.

The two days I hung out there - it was cloudy - so the water was not this bright of turquoise - even though I know it is when the sun is shining bright.

There is not a web site for this place - the guys at Minns Water Sports can tell you how to get there, but is by the pier that is you go to to hike up to the Salt Marker - to the left of this.

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