I forgot our pictures of Sandy Cay...

We went on the 4th of July - our last day in Exuma ~Tommy having an orange juice at Santana's ~

Waiting for lunch ~
Julie speaking to Mom from Mom's Bakery ~
The boat waiting for us at Santana's ~
Getting lunch ~
The boat going back to Santana's ~
Susan floating at Sandy Cay ~
Mom {LInda} walking around Sandy Cay
Our Set-up to get some shade - Nana resting ~
Clouds building {we did think it was going to storm -but it went around us} ~

The view on the boat ~
A Sand Bar at Sandy Cay they boat left me off on and I walked back to the others ~
The boat leaving me - they went fishing ~
Good-Bye ~
Helping Nana of the boat when first got to Sandy Cay ~
Getting on the boat at Santana's {I drove the ladies there} ~
Sandy Cay at low tide ~
All Gone - {I had this and a water for my walk on the sand-bar} ~
Susan at Santan's getting read to board the boat ~
We drove to Santana's to take the boat to Sandy Cay - the last {most southern} Cay in Exuma ~

The pictures above are of our last day in Exuma - Peter took us to Sandy Cay - where the Pirates of the Caribbean where filmed {the sandy sword fight} - I drove the ladies to Little Exuma to Santana's and they guys {and Julie} brought the boat there.  We all got on the boat and went past Hog Cay and then to Sandy Cay - I found a couple shells and one small sand-dollars.  It was so pretty there.  There are some very rare Red-Lizards that live on Sandy Cay - I don't know why I didn't take a picture of them.    I read about them when I got home and this is the only place in the world where they are - it said, locals didn't want tourist around them.   We didn't bother them - the kids went fishing.  A big storm looked like it was approaching - but it went around us.  It was a nice day.  We left for the airport early the next day - on the 5th.


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