This Little Piggy went to the beach....

and I didn't get to take any photos yesterday because it was cloudy.  But we went to get more big bottles of water for the house from Smitty's and we drove to Rolleville to where the road ends and we ate at Iva Bowes Restaurant - the kids tried the cracked conch.  She is a relative of Al Rokers.  I read that his Grandparents were from here.  We stopped at a Pizza/ice cream shop by closed Four Seasons and the kids got ice cream and we got two pizzas to take home for dinner.  Then the kids swam at the pool - I did my hill run and soon it was dark.  It is cloudy today too - at home it is nice when it is cloudy and it cools things down, but here the water just looks like water, not the bright turquoise that it is when the sun shines.  I posted another pig photo since I didn't take any yesterday.

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