Then it started to rain....

The two older boys and my dad went fishing with a friend - a local my husband met two years ago and asked him to take the boys fishing while he is back in the states {he is so nice} I  will call him "Exuma Guy" anyway - they went fishing about 9:30 yesterday and I took Tommy to the pool after I ran up the big hills here (to get my exercise in.)   I didn't bring my camera to the pool -  I wished I would have - the view is so beautiful.  When you come here - always have your camera with you.  There are tons of little butterflies everywhere - yellow and some white.  They hard to photograph - but I love watching them and there lots of pretty birds - little song birds and humming birds and beach birds.   The sky got black so we came in from the pool - and soon it was raining so hard we couldn't see out the windows - I was worried about them out fishing, but soon they pulled up- they all came in and I gave them towels, Exuma Guy had a beer and sat and waited for the rain to stop.  I was cooking the last batch of fresh fish we had from Sunday's fishing trip.  I pan fried it in olive oil and I dipped it into potato flakes - with salt and pepper.   The kids gobbled it up and even Exuma Guy said it was good.  When it stopped raining - the kids and Exuma Guy  went out and cleaned the fish.   Later that day,  Tommy and I went to the grocery store  {the kids wanted ice cream} and then  later we had dinner at the Coconut Grove Hotel - it was Taco Tuesday and there were a lot of americans there.  The lady that owns/runs it (not sure) was very nice and from California.  It was very good, but expensive for the kids - they charged us $18 a person and it was a buffet.  That would be okay if it came with margaritas and sophapias.  They did have good guacamole and chips and salsa.   Not sure what we will do today.  The weather looks good now.

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