Stocking Island

Going fishing again
walking in Georgwtown

Towne Cafe

Elizabeth Harbour in the back ground
the fish they caught- {we don't know what kind the fish on the right is}
At the beach
Atlantic Side of Stocking Island
Man of Steel
The view from out mini van's windshield
Bubble gum on the water taxi

The view from St Francis

My father and the two older boys went fishing with Exuma Guy and Tommy, my mom and I went on the water taxi to St Francis and they met us there for lunch.   It was cloudy most of the day but it didn't rain.  They caught some fish we made for dinner.  Mom and I  {Tommy too} found some nice shells and things on the Atlantic side.  It was low tide and calm so we could walk around the reefs and look.   Tommy and I saw some little crabs,  small colorful fish and some baby Lobsters.   There was a nice big yacht near St Francis called "Man of Steel".  We enjoyed seeing that and I took some photos.  Other locals guessed on how much it cost - I heard 15 million to 20 million.
Last night after our fish and pizza dinner {the fish was not on the pizza} we just didn't have a lot of fish so I heated up the old pizza.  We played texas hold'em with scabble letters and peppermints for chips.  This morning we went to town and ate breakfast at Towne Cafe and we went to the straw market.  Right after we got back to the house, it started raining.  So, we are inside for now.   I will run to the grocery store later.

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