Little Exuma... rain and then a lovely Sunset

We went to Little Exuma yesterday after our run up the hill and swimming in the pool - it rained off and on and I got some pictures of the butterflies. Mom from Mom's Bakery said she has never seen so many butterflies.  We went to Santanas (oh great - I just heard thunder and the sun is out)  and my dad bought some of her raisin bread and chocolate rum cake - it was so good - from Mom's Bakery.  I made french toast with the bread this morning.  The boys ate some conch that was grilled - they said it was good.  Then we stopped at the old cannon and the salt marker.  They have a new walk way that is very nice and easy to walk up,  the view was gorgeous.  I highly recommend doing this and bring your camera.  We looked at some ruins- not sure what it was- need to read about it, they were in Williamstown.  The weather started looking bad so we drove home.   We didn't make it to the Tropic of Cancer beach  (I need to see how to get there - I couldn't remember.)   Some goats were in the road too - we had to stop.  The roads start to flood very easy here so you have to be careful in the rain ~  {and watch for goats!}   Check out our photos above from yesterday.  We had a nice sunset after the rain last night.

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