Friday and Saturday.... & the start of Sunday

On Friday we went on a boat tour from 9 am - 1 pm (click here) - it was so much fun.   They took us to some beautiful places around this part of Exuma and the boys went snorkeling.{Spencer uses the pink snorkel my hubby got me - I don't use it, I like to walk-not snorkel} Mom and I got to look for shells on Pigeon Cay and we went to "The Cut" - which was like a swimming pool beside the turquoise sea. The kids ate something called "curd" and they let let them steer the boat home.  Just riding on that boat is really cool.  Check out the photos - believe me it was more beautiful than the photographs show.  The boys played in the pool that afternoon and did the kayaks and we met another family that is here from Atlanta that I have been chatting with on Trip Advisor.  Then a rain storm came up and we all went inside.  On Saturday, it was Tommy's birthday {he is the proud owner of a new cd of Bahamian music  - the boys went fishing with "Exuma Guy" - but they got caught in 4 rain showers and ended up eating lunch at St Francis, mom and I drove down to the Grand Isle area and looked around - we ended up back at the beach where the 3 sisters rocks are.  It is easy to park there and she likes the shells at that beach.  The kids swam in the pool and Taylor fished off the Kayak - but didn't get anything.   I made Tommy a cake and we went and had dinner at Splash.  It was good, I like that place and it is great for kids.  I finished my teen read "Twilight" and then watched the movie with my mom last night.    Today - we may try to go to chat n chill.  A rain storm blew in this morning around 9:30 - I was going to take the boys to church but didn't since it was raining.  It is cloudy now - we will see how the day turns out.  It is almost 12 noon and today since we are near the tropic of cancer - at 12 noon you should have no shadow or it should be below you.  Maybe the sun will come out and we can check it out.  I have one photo of how nice it was when I woke up and one with the dark clouds.  Happy Father's day!

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