Brendal Stevens ~ Abaco

Brendal Conch 15, originally uploaded by tpatton.
When we were in Treasure Cay on the beach -this guy comes up in a boat and with another guy and two ladies. They were having fun. He had this same swim suit on . I wanted to take a picture of him by the turquoise water, but I didn't get a chance to. A big rain storm came up and we all ended up in a restaurant/bar and we talked to him. He is a pretty famous Dive instructor. He was taking a day off and enjoying himself with friends that day. Brendal is in his 60's and in very good shape. My mom was asking me about him if I had a picture - and I don't, but I found this one on Flickr. I wanted to post this so I can remember his name and that suit.

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oh my god! ghe's hung like a donkey!