Everyone said "You should go to Abaco"

When ever we gush about Exuma, someone tells us we should go to Abaco, so in August we went to Abaco. There are a number of large Cays that you can get to by your rental boat or ferry but it is a lot bigger than the area in Exuma that we explore. There are only a few parts of Abaco that have the turquoise water that glows like Exuma and there are no sand bars to walk on. I love to do that in Exuma. Tom had to snorkel to get some sand dollars, so Abaco is bigger and has deeper water that is not as pretty as Great Exuma. Here are the some of the photos from our trip to The Abacos-we went to Marsh Harbour (the main airport is here) Elbow Cay (rented a house here), Tilloo Cay, Great Guana Cay, Green Turtle Cay, Man Jack Cay, and Treasure Cay. (I like Treasure Cay the most). We also had Tropical Storm Fay around so it was cloudy much of the time and some bad rain storms popped up.   They have problems with the power here - the electricity went out for hours at a time - all the houses have generators.  We didn't like that at all.  The water was in short supply too.

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