A Beautiful Beach on the Island of Great Exuma

One of the many great, private beaches in Exuma-(it seems private because there is usually no one else around.) All the beaches are public-pull up to one by boat or car and enjoy!
Visitors Guide:

Villa Debra at February Point-Great Exuma


Hotel/Inn in George Town


Peace and Plenty is a Hotel/Inn in the town of George Town and over looks Elizabeth Harbor.
Stocking Island is across the harbor. Peace and Plenty has a fun pool bar. It is close to Minns Water sports and we have went to this pool bar after turning in the boat.

Sand Bar at Low Tide

The water around this sand bar is deep enough to drive the boat up and park it and then we walk around. This is my favorite thing to do in Exuma-my kids like fishing the best.

Little Exuma

Little Exuma is a small island by Great Exuma and you can get there by car-there is a bridge between the two islands.

Click below for more information on Little Exuma:


We have not been here yet-I have seen the bridge while on our boat-we plan on driving to Little Exuma and going to Santanna's to eat (they say the crew of the Pirates of the Caribbean ate here while filming) and to the Tropic of Cancer Beach at the end of May. We have heard that is the most beautiful beach in Exuma-I don't see how that could be since what we have seen so far, is so pretty-I will post the pictures when we get back in June.


Houses for Rent in Great Exuma

update June 2010:

A list of homes here:


Single listings:



February Point


We are staying here when we go in May-We have never stayed here before and we are excited about it.

Parking the boat at Chat N Chill

Pile of Conch Shells at Chat N Chill

They have a booth outside were they make Conch Salad-this is were they throw the shells

All the Colors of Chat N Chill


Chat N Chill-Stocking Island

Minns Water Sports in George Town-Great Exuma

Picking up our boat

Info on fishing:

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Here is my Blog email if you have any questions or comments about Great Exuma.

Car Rental and Airport


This is the place we rent a car in Great Exuma-they have older cars and they will bring one to the airport and leave it there for you to have when you fly into the Island. (When driving around Great Exuma, you drive on the other side of the road.) Then you can go to town and do the paper work for your car on the first work day you are there. The airport to Great Exuma is GGT. You can fly from Florida or from Nassau. We think it is easier to fly from/to Nassau for going through customs.

Coco Plums


We have not been to this place yet but heard it was great-we plan on going to lunch here at the end of May.

Flickr Photo Link


The link to more of my photos of Great Exuma~ I'm not a great photographer (but I love to take pictures)~ It is so beautiful in Exuma it is easy to take great photos.


The shore by Chat N Chill

The boys looking at a couple of sting rays

We only left our foot prints...and our hearts in Exuma

The view while walking on a sand bar

Tar Bay Beach

Rainbow on 07-07-07

We were rocking on the boat when I took this picture - I should have straightened this photo - but I like to show how were were bouncing in the waves.

Emerald Bay

Four Seasons Resort-on Emerald Bay

We stayed here one night because our rental home wasn't ready.  It is very nice and the beach and pool is beautiful.  The rooms are big and spacious.  We had one large king bed and very comfortable.  It is a great place for a couple or a family with one child.   The restaurants are very good, even now when we stay at rental homes, we still come here to eat.  They had people meet us at the airport with water and cool wet wash clothes.  That was very nice.  This is one of nicest hotels I have been to with a lot of personal services.  Look through this blog for more photographs of this resort.  The link to their web site is below.

You can walk on most of the beach at Tar Bay, this part is rocky

Lava rocks at Tar Bay

They are not really lava-they just look like it.  I guess they are from the coral reefs ~

Sand Bar

Low Tide

More links to places in Great Exuma

click on links listed below:

Chat N Chill- a fun place to go to in Exuma. It is on Stocking Island and you take a boat and park it on the sand.

This is the form to rent a boat at Minns Water Sports

More information and historical back ground of Exuma

Link with more homes to rent

You can check the weather and the tides with this link.

Palm Bay Beach Club-a place to stay near town-we are going to check this place out when we go next month and I will let you know how it is. They have affordable Villas on the water and a pool and restaurant.


Home Rentals

The picture above is from the yellow bird house on Tar Bay.
This is one of the web sites that has homes for rent in Great Exuma.  We have stayed at this house two times.  It is on a beautiful beach- you walk out the back door and go down a few steps and you are on the beach.  It is a sandy beach with out rocks.  The house has an outside shower and chairs to lounge on.  The inside has all you need - nice kitchen and two bedrooms, each with their own bathroom.  TV/CAble/DVD and a desk with internet connection.  The  house only has air conditioning in the bedrooms,  not in the main living area.